Monday, November 14, 2011


i know it has been ages since i have written on this small private space of mine. Since i came back from the states, i guess...

Just got back from Singapore, where my Uncle James passed away few days ago, my condolences to the Gah family, i am sure uncle James is in Heaven right now. Standing in front of uncle James made me realized that life is very, very precious, and we have to appreciate people that we love and people whom loved us.

Let me start from my Family, be it immediate or not, the lost of uncle James made me realized that family is always there for me. from Shaun's speech, "he will only scold if he cares about you", i truly can relate to. those who knows me personally knows for a fact that my parents love to nag, and seriously, i hate nags. this incident have truly awaken me that if my parents don't love me, they wouldn't spend their energy, time, in nagging, all for the good of me.

Then going on with relationship. Yes, i admit, i am very very demanding, and at times, i am unpredictable. Thus, i need to rethink of treating the bf, Jeremy. The relationship is between us, we have to make it work, not just him. I choose him as a boyfriend, a partner, a shoulder to lean on, not a slave, nor a maid to help me get things done.

Also, the last thing, is that spending more precious time with the people i love. the parents, the grandparents, the boyfriend, the aunts and uncles, the friends...

Uncle James have truly made a mark in all of our lives. Although i have seen him not that many times, he have never fail to say hello with a smile, took care of me, gave me guidance, and i truly thank him for that.

I will start changing from now, to be a more compassionate, a more well-mannered, a more healthy, a more obedient person.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

coming back....SOON!!!

its been 10 months! i dont know how we managed to make it happen! this 10 months has been the worst 10 months of my life! i miss home. i miss everyone back in malaysia! especially mommy and daddy! but then, gain a bunch of good friends from China!

within these months, i managed to be more independent, more money conscious, to be a better person overall! i've get to know people from all around the world.

now, i cant wait to get back home to gather around with the family! there is no better place than home. i have finally understood why. previously, i hate being at home. now, i am so eager to be at home!

to wrap up, America is the land of hope, i agree with that statement. But, also, it was an experience living in America, but certainly not the place i want to live in for the rest of my life! for work, for play, i love the states a lot! but as for the companion, the friends, the family, Malaysia is still the best! oh.. and the food!!!

so moving on... i have bought the playbook! its like the best thing ever happened to me. got the boyf another one so that we dont have to share! of course, it was his birthday present, and he paid half!

Monday, May 9, 2011

english game with the boyf!

so... one of the reason i came to the states is to improve my english! i wouldn't say that my english is bad, as i was brought up speaking english. but since i went to a chinese school, i neglected english! i am not blaming mummy for putting me in a chinese school, in fact, i should thank her, as i can speak mandarin today! 

so back to the topic, since we came here, english is the main language that we should speak to people, which made my english improved a little... but, it is not enough. after college, we speak mandarin! which makes it still the same as in Malaysia! so, last night when i was talking to the boyf, i suggested the english game, which is, we could not speak a sentence of mandarin when talking to each other! If we by chance accidentally converse in mandarin, we will be fined a 50 cents. this way, we can both improve our english! 50 cents is not a huge amount, but it does make a difference!

so, today, i saw him online, and i was thinking ha! he will definitely forget about our game! so i waited for him to call, and start talking! and after 5 minutes, he did not call, so i called him. and guess what. i was the one that nearly spit mandarin out of my mouth! not him! he was talking to me in english!

i was so embarrassed, and obviously touched! give us 6 months time, we will definitely speak better english then! 

Monday, May 2, 2011


i know i know... it has been so long! many people thought i graduated long ago before yesterday. got countless blessings from so many people, and i am glad that i have finally graduated, meaning walking past another stage of life.

although i have graduated, i couldn't help to rant about the system in Northwood University! why have the ceremony before the finals!!! i have like 3 finals to attend, 1 take home, and 2 presentations. i was suffering like hell looking at the reading materials! besides, i caught a cold last night, making it harder to concentrate. things was okay till last night when i was coughing like no body's business. woke up today with a sore throat!

as i was typing this post, i feel chills, and suddenly, it was so hot that i could barely take it. i might be having a fever, but lets see. :(

with LaTerry and Ocean
brothers in US
short, to tall!
the line entering the hall 
this is me, before getting anything
holding my name card!
bennett sport center's hall
with professor stellian 
we are from Malaysia!
three of us
after getting the folder
flowers from stella

what i was wearing inside!

with henry
okay la. i was opening my leg because there was mud!
then i realized i could step forward!
with wallace... i think? :p


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the magic land...

DISNEY!! i think it is the best place on earth. it is like instant smile! go in with 100kgs of burden, come out happy! disney was so fun, happy people, happy place.. tonnes of birds! remembered eating lunch in a diner, there wasnt any seats left, and we were sitting next to an island of grass. guess what is inside! some flamingo species bird. almost freaked out while having lunch!

overall, paid like 90 dollars to get into the magical land. lined up like nobody's business, but it was so darn fun! we took a shuttle from our hotel, took a disney train and a ferry to the magical kingdom land itself! the experience is totally unbeatable!

got sick the next day when we are about to go to miami! missed a basketball match :( Miami Heat v Polland something in the american arena stadium. was too sick to move. thank god i was alright after that!

although it was a fairly short trip, i did enjoyed, despite the drama rama between us. this trip could have been better if there were more people that went with us!

anyways, photos!
(ps: please bare with those unedited photos. there are like 300 photos! i have no time to edit them all!!)
outside magical kingdom
the TOWER!!!

okay.. this guy, he is walking around and shooting himself dancing in the park itself! so cool!
with the housemate
totally love this!
so cute right!!
its a small small world!
then the tower magically changed! dont know how!
awesome tower at night
20 minutes fireworks!


well basically, these are not all of them. check my other photos on flickr or facebook! 
will be having finals in a week! shall not blog anytime soon!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

12th day

3 more days to mid of April and then May will come! How fast is that! college workload has increased dramatically and i have no idea how am i gonna finish doing it!

just finished a case presentation this morning and god! we were standing there presenting for an hour or so! overall, it was a pleasure working with my team mates :)

went to a fashion show on Friday, well, its definitely incomparable with fashion shows in Milan, but, it was still fine. it is actually a event held by NU fashion major students.

well, as usual, let me update some recent random photos!
fashion show!
Flawless skin mode!

swan's cam flawless skin mode!
unfinished work 

saiyung and me in walgreens!

snow storm in SPRING??! well...its Michigan!

the new love! sex on the beach!

more love to Duffy! who fell to the floor!

Absolutely miss this place. mom was right! i will probably hit Miami every weekend if i studied in the Florida campus!
Miami, i will be back for you!

till then, will update more after this super hectic week!


Friday, April 1, 2011


have not been updating consistently. life has been a bitch. homework after homework of the same thing. its like dealing with the same old problems day in, day out. -- same shits, different day

have been lacking aim in life. i want to rest. i want to go to a place to rest, to relax. listening to jazzy music, by the beach, or in the coffee shop by the beach, reading a book, or drawing.

i think i have grown up. before, relax means drinking, clubbing... etc. now, being alone, somewhere with the love, talking to parents, stunning view. awesome!

back from Miami, hat, sunnies, beach, chicks and hunks. Although we did not spend a lot of time there, but having the chance of being in miami is really great! took this picture in the ice cream parlor in miami!

I'm in Miami bitch! --LMFAO

hopefully the weather will be good soon, and we will go picnic at the Emerson park, riding bicycle, talking, let the cool breeze take the stress away. cant wait.

thank god that this time, i chose the right person. the love has been very supportive lately. others might not see it, might not know, but i feel that, the love is a person that will blend in well with the family. at least he is the one that will help out in the family, the one that will help mommy when i am not there to help her. will be back in another month or two. cant wait to go back and see daddy and mommy, and of course the love.

till then... xoxo :) have a great April Fool!

Monday, March 21, 2011

so... whats up?

how is life for you readers recently? life is good for me. besides those hippocratic people that are beside me. but who cares, life goes on, we lose friends and gain better ones.

anyway, college have been a bitch recently! the most irritating class this semester is the ITV class, which is a two way communication between us in michigan and them in florida. Northwood University have this stupid class which in my opinion is just a joke. It is unfair to students in michigan at all. we paid the same amount and get the below par quality of the professor. we basically wrote papers of egypt, libya, and more egypt. Is that the only current issue we have in the world? i doubt. and basically that two way communication thing is just a piece of crap. our lecturer basically read the slides, like without explanation at all! what lecture is that? it is a slide jam packed with information and reading it over to us.

so i thought i should just shut up and tolerate with that. but then, i put my bloody effort in doing the egypt paper, cite my source, and gave points that she mentioned in class after, and i got a bloody C for that homework. who in the world gives a C? i really have doubts of this course, and the lecturer.

besides that, everything is fine. my coffee addiction is back, cant just stop smelling that awakening scent from the new coffee powder we bought. it's some hazelnut bean coffee. cheap and nice! made me kill my interest to starbucks!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


its february already! time flies! 7 months no club! gah. this is no fun. i have always dreamt of clubbing like mad in US. but hell no. live here is b o r e to the d. study, drama, sleep, practically everyday! sigh...

in another one month, i will be traveling to orlando/miami! people partay, and i am probably wandering around streets! sigh!

i miss clubbing! i wana club! i wana go out! in another 100 days, i will be back! club wait for me

Friday, February 4, 2011

its the new year

away from home is the worst thing i can think of right now. it is the first time not spending chinese new year at home. despite how much i hate the boredom of first day CNY, i totally miss it right now.

i miss the cousins talking and shouting right next to me, when i usually ask them to shut up. i miss festive foods, oh... those biscuits. i miss the whole yee sang thing... it is like a family bonding session. i miss every members in my family.

i have a fairly huge family. thus, there is so many things to do, so many people to talk with... the karaoke session at night, the gambling session. oh... i surely missed that. although last year was a little bored, cousins have girlfriends, ing ay not back, i rather have a bored new year than being in a new place.

anyways, its our 13th monthsary. the bf got me a tiffany ring in conjunction with valentines also. totally love the packaging.

it came through UPS 2 day select. i am a sucker for presents. i love that sensation of opening stuff. i dont know why.

 that blue box with white ribbon! oh totally dig it!
 and a sweet message. <3

long distance relationship? our relationship has not change since the day we've started. :) i am looking forward to having many many many more months with you! <3