Monday, May 2, 2011


i know i know... it has been so long! many people thought i graduated long ago before yesterday. got countless blessings from so many people, and i am glad that i have finally graduated, meaning walking past another stage of life.

although i have graduated, i couldn't help to rant about the system in Northwood University! why have the ceremony before the finals!!! i have like 3 finals to attend, 1 take home, and 2 presentations. i was suffering like hell looking at the reading materials! besides, i caught a cold last night, making it harder to concentrate. things was okay till last night when i was coughing like no body's business. woke up today with a sore throat!

as i was typing this post, i feel chills, and suddenly, it was so hot that i could barely take it. i might be having a fever, but lets see. :(

with LaTerry and Ocean
brothers in US
short, to tall!
the line entering the hall 
this is me, before getting anything
holding my name card!
bennett sport center's hall
with professor stellian 
we are from Malaysia!
three of us
after getting the folder
flowers from stella

what i was wearing inside!

with henry
okay la. i was opening my leg because there was mud!
then i realized i could step forward!
with wallace... i think? :p


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