Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the magic land...

DISNEY!! i think it is the best place on earth. it is like instant smile! go in with 100kgs of burden, come out happy! disney was so fun, happy people, happy place.. tonnes of birds! remembered eating lunch in a diner, there wasnt any seats left, and we were sitting next to an island of grass. guess what is inside! some flamingo species bird. almost freaked out while having lunch!

overall, paid like 90 dollars to get into the magical land. lined up like nobody's business, but it was so darn fun! we took a shuttle from our hotel, took a disney train and a ferry to the magical kingdom land itself! the experience is totally unbeatable!

got sick the next day when we are about to go to miami! missed a basketball match :( Miami Heat v Polland something in the american arena stadium. was too sick to move. thank god i was alright after that!

although it was a fairly short trip, i did enjoyed, despite the drama rama between us. this trip could have been better if there were more people that went with us!

anyways, photos!
(ps: please bare with those unedited photos. there are like 300 photos! i have no time to edit them all!!)
outside magical kingdom
the TOWER!!!

okay.. this guy, he is walking around and shooting himself dancing in the park itself! so cool!
with the housemate
totally love this!
so cute right!!
its a small small world!
then the tower magically changed! dont know how!
awesome tower at night
20 minutes fireworks!


well basically, these are not all of them. check my other photos on flickr or facebook! 
will be having finals in a week! shall not blog anytime soon!


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