Wednesday, April 13, 2011

12th day

3 more days to mid of April and then May will come! How fast is that! college workload has increased dramatically and i have no idea how am i gonna finish doing it!

just finished a case presentation this morning and god! we were standing there presenting for an hour or so! overall, it was a pleasure working with my team mates :)

went to a fashion show on Friday, well, its definitely incomparable with fashion shows in Milan, but, it was still fine. it is actually a event held by NU fashion major students.

well, as usual, let me update some recent random photos!
fashion show!
Flawless skin mode!

swan's cam flawless skin mode!
unfinished work 

saiyung and me in walgreens!

snow storm in SPRING??! well...its Michigan!

the new love! sex on the beach!

more love to Duffy! who fell to the floor!

Absolutely miss this place. mom was right! i will probably hit Miami every weekend if i studied in the Florida campus!
Miami, i will be back for you!

till then, will update more after this super hectic week!


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