Friday, April 1, 2011


have not been updating consistently. life has been a bitch. homework after homework of the same thing. its like dealing with the same old problems day in, day out. -- same shits, different day

have been lacking aim in life. i want to rest. i want to go to a place to rest, to relax. listening to jazzy music, by the beach, or in the coffee shop by the beach, reading a book, or drawing.

i think i have grown up. before, relax means drinking, clubbing... etc. now, being alone, somewhere with the love, talking to parents, stunning view. awesome!

back from Miami, hat, sunnies, beach, chicks and hunks. Although we did not spend a lot of time there, but having the chance of being in miami is really great! took this picture in the ice cream parlor in miami!

I'm in Miami bitch! --LMFAO

hopefully the weather will be good soon, and we will go picnic at the Emerson park, riding bicycle, talking, let the cool breeze take the stress away. cant wait.

thank god that this time, i chose the right person. the love has been very supportive lately. others might not see it, might not know, but i feel that, the love is a person that will blend in well with the family. at least he is the one that will help out in the family, the one that will help mommy when i am not there to help her. will be back in another month or two. cant wait to go back and see daddy and mommy, and of course the love.

till then... xoxo :) have a great April Fool!

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