Monday, March 21, 2011

so... whats up?

how is life for you readers recently? life is good for me. besides those hippocratic people that are beside me. but who cares, life goes on, we lose friends and gain better ones.

anyway, college have been a bitch recently! the most irritating class this semester is the ITV class, which is a two way communication between us in michigan and them in florida. Northwood University have this stupid class which in my opinion is just a joke. It is unfair to students in michigan at all. we paid the same amount and get the below par quality of the professor. we basically wrote papers of egypt, libya, and more egypt. Is that the only current issue we have in the world? i doubt. and basically that two way communication thing is just a piece of crap. our lecturer basically read the slides, like without explanation at all! what lecture is that? it is a slide jam packed with information and reading it over to us.

so i thought i should just shut up and tolerate with that. but then, i put my bloody effort in doing the egypt paper, cite my source, and gave points that she mentioned in class after, and i got a bloody C for that homework. who in the world gives a C? i really have doubts of this course, and the lecturer.

besides that, everything is fine. my coffee addiction is back, cant just stop smelling that awakening scent from the new coffee powder we bought. it's some hazelnut bean coffee. cheap and nice! made me kill my interest to starbucks!

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