Monday, May 9, 2011

english game with the boyf!

so... one of the reason i came to the states is to improve my english! i wouldn't say that my english is bad, as i was brought up speaking english. but since i went to a chinese school, i neglected english! i am not blaming mummy for putting me in a chinese school, in fact, i should thank her, as i can speak mandarin today! 

so back to the topic, since we came here, english is the main language that we should speak to people, which made my english improved a little... but, it is not enough. after college, we speak mandarin! which makes it still the same as in Malaysia! so, last night when i was talking to the boyf, i suggested the english game, which is, we could not speak a sentence of mandarin when talking to each other! If we by chance accidentally converse in mandarin, we will be fined a 50 cents. this way, we can both improve our english! 50 cents is not a huge amount, but it does make a difference!

so, today, i saw him online, and i was thinking ha! he will definitely forget about our game! so i waited for him to call, and start talking! and after 5 minutes, he did not call, so i called him. and guess what. i was the one that nearly spit mandarin out of my mouth! not him! he was talking to me in english!

i was so embarrassed, and obviously touched! give us 6 months time, we will definitely speak better english then! 

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