Monday, November 14, 2011


i know it has been ages since i have written on this small private space of mine. Since i came back from the states, i guess...

Just got back from Singapore, where my Uncle James passed away few days ago, my condolences to the Gah family, i am sure uncle James is in Heaven right now. Standing in front of uncle James made me realized that life is very, very precious, and we have to appreciate people that we love and people whom loved us.

Let me start from my Family, be it immediate or not, the lost of uncle James made me realized that family is always there for me. from Shaun's speech, "he will only scold if he cares about you", i truly can relate to. those who knows me personally knows for a fact that my parents love to nag, and seriously, i hate nags. this incident have truly awaken me that if my parents don't love me, they wouldn't spend their energy, time, in nagging, all for the good of me.

Then going on with relationship. Yes, i admit, i am very very demanding, and at times, i am unpredictable. Thus, i need to rethink of treating the bf, Jeremy. The relationship is between us, we have to make it work, not just him. I choose him as a boyfriend, a partner, a shoulder to lean on, not a slave, nor a maid to help me get things done.

Also, the last thing, is that spending more precious time with the people i love. the parents, the grandparents, the boyfriend, the aunts and uncles, the friends...

Uncle James have truly made a mark in all of our lives. Although i have seen him not that many times, he have never fail to say hello with a smile, took care of me, gave me guidance, and i truly thank him for that.

I will start changing from now, to be a more compassionate, a more well-mannered, a more healthy, a more obedient person.

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