Friday, February 4, 2011

its the new year

away from home is the worst thing i can think of right now. it is the first time not spending chinese new year at home. despite how much i hate the boredom of first day CNY, i totally miss it right now.

i miss the cousins talking and shouting right next to me, when i usually ask them to shut up. i miss festive foods, oh... those biscuits. i miss the whole yee sang thing... it is like a family bonding session. i miss every members in my family.

i have a fairly huge family. thus, there is so many things to do, so many people to talk with... the karaoke session at night, the gambling session. oh... i surely missed that. although last year was a little bored, cousins have girlfriends, ing ay not back, i rather have a bored new year than being in a new place.

anyways, its our 13th monthsary. the bf got me a tiffany ring in conjunction with valentines also. totally love the packaging.

it came through UPS 2 day select. i am a sucker for presents. i love that sensation of opening stuff. i dont know why.

 that blue box with white ribbon! oh totally dig it!
 and a sweet message. <3

long distance relationship? our relationship has not change since the day we've started. :) i am looking forward to having many many many more months with you! <3

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