Friday, June 18, 2010

playing around with cameras

passion for photography arised. went to bukit tinggi with the bf, and took some photos not perfect, but still learning. give me some comments. :)
these photos are all taken with entry level D40 with kit lens

by the fountain
bf's shot
hoegaarden, my love
flower power
my favorite shot, gloomy days
haihh bear
clock tower
life is about sharing

give me some comments, so i can improve!

short sem is ending soon, pressure level is building up. in another 2 months, i will be going to the states, i am really anxious... what will life be there, without parents, family? everything will be on my own, i know i can be independent, but i am worry about my parents, my family.... what will happen when i come back? sigh, i wonder...

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