Saturday, April 3, 2010

gifts for everyone

its anniversary, its birthday, i did something wrong, i am sorry..... you need gifts. but guys, aint choosing gifts for girls is pain in the ass? you heard it a million times.. men are from mars, women are from venus. they even created a book out of it. women are more emotional, whereas men cant seem to be emotional.

Chocopop! printed choco lollies. the ink that is used to print is fruit ink oil, making it completely edible. It is FDA approved and Halal approved.

Services we offer. Purikura is the photo sticker that is hit in Japan. we will basically design your photo like the photo sticker design and after your confirmation, we will then print to the chocopop!
this is the draft that we will send you *note: this is not the actual product*

Also, alot of people say that they are afraid of eating their chocopop! they do not have the heart to do so.....afraid not! we offer preserving service! after preserving, it will not be edible anymore and you can make it to be as a decoration!

here is how it goes. after sending us your photo, we will then do some minimal editing-so the photo will appear clear- and then print. you will receive your products by 3-4 days!

Steps for ordering your chocopop!
1. send your photo to mail.chocoloco@gmail.com
(please also include:
contact number:
Perserve? (yes/no)
Purikura? (yes/no)

2. wait for our confirmation
3. pay
4. receive goods within 3-4 days.

add: RM3 for preserve
add: RM5 for purikura design.
Add: RM1 for message (to be stick on the stick)

Postage: RM7 west, RM10 sabah sarawak

*Chocopop will be posted using dry ice pack to ensure that it wont melt while sending to you!*


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Good luck for your business.wish your business is booming. Cheer. :)

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