Thursday, June 24, 2010

yes, i am in a relationship

i am tired of answering already :p in a way, it has been more than a month when i opened up the relationship status, but till today, i still get question from friends, "eh you got bf?" "who is that guy?" "who is hui?" etc etc

how it started? it just did.... something that got to do with blackberry. well, i am not going to praise or comment on how good he is to me, but he take cares, listens and is loving.

lets start off with the pictures...
this was after he brought mom back. well, we were nervous since the starting of the week. it was also the first time he met my mom.
this was the next day he met mom, we were actually..... servicing mom's bb. :)
then out of sudden, he became like this... :)
we really do crazy stuff together. like changing shoes... :)
and this.... he is wearing the mng shades! haha *WOMEN SHADES*

this is not the first time being in a relationship. i dont know if it will last, or will not last, but i am pretty sure that he makes me happy all the time. previous was history, present is future. like the old saying goes, time will show everything!

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