Monday, March 22, 2010

darn stress

At this moment, this minute, this second, I really feel like giving up. But its not challenging. I need motivation, I need strength. I. Have my own things to do also. its not playing. Why can't she just put herself in my position? everything I does, are bullshit. Hello, its my hardwork alright? Don't like don't ask. My assignments aint a game. I want to score. I'm weak academically. The only thing that can pull me up is the assignments. But I hate her concepts of I need to prioritize her things first. What about my assignment? Is it so hard to understand? I'm stress. I'm exhausted. I am not that DHL. I'm a human.

I have 5 assignments to due. So many exams, so many things. And when I don't score, it is my fault. I'm not blaming. I just need motivation. I just need understanding.

Don't want talk d. Exhausted


Anonymous said...

everything will be fine. i believe you can. :) cheer up

deedee said...

thank you. feeling slightly better now :)

Anonymous said...

deedee, just dont care what people think. important thing is you did your part and thats what matter most. so just relax abit and enjoy your college life alright.

deedee said...

Lol its just that recently is too much to handle. Its ok. I know I can make it :) thanks by the way :)