Saturday, January 30, 2010


about HK. its been more than 2 months. but yea, i miss HK that much. and oh the blackberry. i cant find a reason why someone would hate a blackberry. its like mad awesome. college started and life is tensing up.

anyways, update about me, myself. within the past one month, i've straighten my hair, cause i am too lazy to blow dry each and every time i wash my hair and dyed my hair to a lighter shade. no, it is not some lala color. its brown. not even obvious.

straightened hair is <3
so tidy :)
stitch collection!
after gym
hand drawn stitch!
:) straightened hair
the mega stitch
wallpaper! awesomeness
MOS halloween.
@HK streets
harbour city

awesome city
i <3>
i really do..

that is about me for now. will update more later. :)


Anonymous said...

since when you become stitch's fan.

deedee said...

Lol since long long ago! Love stitch la. I think it reflects something in my life