Thursday, March 25, 2010

the golden rule?

earlier in class, he was talking about the golden rule. and it made me wonder, is it still practising? i doubt.

well, life lately is super awesome, that bunch of girlfriends, really made my day! and i think i will miss them when i am away. :( and stress! I think.... i work best with stress. not to be pain in the ass. i think i can generate more ideas when i am stressed up. stress level is 70%?

well, updates. let the picture do the talking!

doggy i want :(
the portfolio. nice right?
that pair of tired eyes :(
my <3
fireworks @ cny
we were studying! good students! *pats self*
Blinged bb
self painted nails!! awesome?
SGD 10k.. not mine. just camwhored.
that pair of tired eyes :(

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Anonymous said...

yup..i help you to click on the ad already.wakaka

deedee said...

haha thanks!