Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i die.

have you ever felt so numb you feel like quiting? so busy that you feel that you need a break? So restless. you feel that everything is happening during the fortnight? you dont know when to do what first . everything is jam packing your schedule. you feel depressed, tired. and ocassionally happy?
well, that is how i feel now. i dont know why this happen. but i assume everything happen for a reason. everything will settle down eventually. well, hopefully. :)

well moving on, do you know that i love desserts? well, its stated in my about me column. but when i eat them? happy, and sad. i have desserts when i am happy, because it can make me happier, and eat them when i'm sad. hoping that it wil make me happier.
well, yesterday was a not so normal day. i remember myself eating dessert and tearing at the same time. well, not anything sad. but i somehow don't know what to do. thats why. but it was all settled later on.

Well, i certainly felt better. I'm not a person whom will give up so easy. I will face everything efficiently. and i will do the best. cause i am sure everything will be better tomorrow.

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