Saturday, August 8, 2009

the wedding dream

just now while day dreaming i suddenly dreamt of my dream wedding. it's not like i never think of it before. but it is just that. after so many times, i'm still not bored of it. it often made me enchanted.

well, one thing about me is the fact that i like things to be simple yet different. i hate chinese weddings. cause it takes forever to finish and still so common. and also hate that part where the bride and groom goes up to the stage and were asked to do stupid things. it is not funny. it is humiliating.

my dream will starts from the proposal itself. my husband, will then bring me to the house of my dreams. give me the key. and let me open the house door. with a walk in shoe closet. bag closet.
all renovated to perfection. he then close my eyes and lead me into the shoe closet and ask me, sayang, will you marry me? oh damn. so touching. my future house will have a garden. a swimming pool, a place where everyone thinks it is a paradise to be in. bathtubs, jacuzzi... satisfying.

during the preperation period, i will have friends, made of honor and bridesmate choose the wedding gown, try it on, make changes, then, we will go spa together. and all my friends, made of honor and bridesmate will have the same manicure and pedicure. i am going to wear the most perfect dress. walking down the aisle in the church. holding the most geogeous hunk. then we will take pictures, tonnes of pictures. i'm going to wear the most stunning Christian Louboutin. with the purest white gown by vera wang. oh dam. perfect.

the dinner will not be at night. it will be in the evening. not in a 5 star hotel, or somewhere classy. it will only be in a garden or a beach. throughout the dinner, romantic soft music will be aired. it will not be a buffet dinner or a chinese dinner. Instead, it will be a fine western dinner. maybe 5 course. then, everyone dance the night away. slow music, fast music.

it is so perfect. i am still enchanted despite telling this story tenthousandtimes. yo soy enchantado

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