Monday, December 29, 2008

sadness overload

disclaimer: i just need somewhere to rant my feelings. you can skip this post! i feel bad. i want to talk to someone but i don't want. i've been walking aimlessly for one whole day. still feeling sad. i don't know why.

everything worked out perfectly. till one day it happened. i never thought it came so fast. since it was still ok in the afternoon. heart beating faster and faster, tears rolling down nonstop. heart broken, i felt. as though it has been stab many many times after it loses it strength to work again. it's hard to stand up, hard to predict what will happen. but i am sure i dont want to be sad.

i guess, things dont just come easily. and it's all about luck. good things don't come free and bad things always come free even without asking. hearing that ON HOLD really make me feels like de javu. i hate this part. i thought my perception change. i thought things change. but hell no. it is totally pure bullshit. fairy tale, dream come true. all fake. i really cant take it any longer, thought we were stronger, i hate this part right here. i know you asked me to hold on, carry on like nothing is wrong, but there is no more time for lies, cause i see sunset in your eyes.

how? i really don't know. if things were as easy as in adam and eve's time, it will be so nice. so easy. so carefree. i guess i just need a chill pill and a couple of hours to chill thats all. look at the bright side. right? i guess so.

sorry readers, i just need somewhere to rant.

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