Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year 2009!

as usual, i passed 2009 in the car.. lol then clubbed the night away. er, maybe not. just like 2 or 3 hours in the club. when i was about to warm up, we are going home. lol. we spent 1 hour plus outside searching for the ideal place. i rate my new year 5/10.

i kinda feel sad cause my cousin went to US already. though it was like a blink of an eye. i miss her already. new year without her is not new year. lol. no more dance partner, no more shopping partner, to more sharing our problem partner although we dont share our problems anymore. but, she is still the cousin that i grew up with, the one that teached me hokkien, the one that shares our toys together since young. dam. i already miss her. sigh. 6 months, just 6 months, and she will be back! yay.

i kinda have a mixed feeling this new year. that's why is 5/10 this year. sigh. no more changing boots on new year because both our legs is aching. no more eating out together gether. no more shopping partner. and i guess, PD will not be as happening without her. i guess everyone have the mixed feeling tonight. and on coming cny, everyone will miss her alot. sigh.

my dearest cousin. though i may not talk alot bout you and all, but we grew up together. we talked all night long, we shopped together, we party together and so many things. i wished you best in the US. if you have any problems, you can always come to me. my ears is always open for you. :) wish u all the best. love ya!


The Mrs Blogs said...

Wishing you a prosperous New Year and may all your dreams and wishes come true

deedee said...

same to you!