Thursday, November 6, 2008

happy birthday

20 years ago, i was in mummy's stomach.. like any other babies, i kicked mummy and she had a hard time taking care of me. nine months after that, 19 years ago, 6th of november, i popped out from my mummy and became me. i have 2 first name and 2 last name in my name. both my first name is named after an actor in random movie, chosen by my mom. and my last name, tan and pereira is my parents name. making my name super long. so now, i cut short my name to denise pereira.
this year, my birthday brings alot of meaning. because it's also my chinese birthday. and i am going to eat 2 hard boiled eggs and mee suah tomorrow morning! yay!

to all my friends, thanks for all your wishes. your wishes made me smile. =)


The Mrs Blogs said...

Hey dear, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. God Bless

deedee said...

thanks babe!