Friday, November 7, 2008


first and foremost, i would like to wish my so called childhood friend, roy or kar weng happy birthday!dont know if u read this, but.. happy birthday!now, talk bout my birthday. thanks for everyone that wished me... i am happy! i cut my birthday cake right after the clock hits 12. then i received this, from my beloved cousins!
thankyou very much!
then i watched an episode of moonlight resonance. and slept. next morning, pest control. i was forced to wake up at 9 stg. but i refused to.
that is how i look when i was half awake/going back to sleep!
i continue sleeping after the man is done with my room. then i heard someone telling me that i received flowers, i actually thought i was dreaming.. but no...
thanks valentine!
it is actually 19 roses. which is my age! lol
and then i woke up seeing 2 half boiled eggs and mee suah on the table. as it is also my chinese birthday!
then yamcha with elyn, and she gave me this!
thanks elyn!
look at my dressing table! LOL i miss it so much! haha.. wtf
then went out for dinner! with this dress.
went to f21 and bought this top, from mummy

then headed to MOS.... that was how i celebrated my birthday. time pass to fast.. =(
okay time to sleep. it's 4.06 already

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