Monday, November 3, 2008


migraine. i dont know if any of you have this. but this is killing... frowning hoping it will get better, but i dont. i hate it. i think i got it from ikea. after going through that artificial smell candles. i hope i can sleep, but i close my eyes, the pain comes. i hate this feeling, luckily it went better after gym. but it all came back when i reached home. it's unbearable. i feel like pulling my head apart, i should be enjoying my time now, but i cant. because of this. seriously, why women suffer from so many things? it's not easy being a woman, especially in the 21st century. where you have to work to earn a living, and at the same time take care of the family. and when things get wrong, the blame always go to the woman. and she did anything right, the fame will go to the men. cause we always stereotype that women cannot do things, cannot drive, cannot this cannot that... but hey, things are changing, we have equal rights and because woman are more emotional, if they do something, they will do it till the very best, but at another hand, if they dont want to do something, they wont even want to touch it.

omg. enough of talking bullshit. my migraine is not getting better. i think i should sleep now. birthday is in 3 more days. yay!

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