Sunday, June 22, 2008

sad lor

i am that kind of person that is easily influenced and also easy to loose interest. that is part of my strength and weaknesses. sigh. today has been a long long day. and I'm kinda upset after that. firstly, to the guy that i love so much, happy birthday! no matter how you turn to, i will still love u the way you are! this year was a bit different. mom is not here. sayaka and taemi tag along celebrating his birthday! we went to mid valley after that to have brunch and walked around. and came back, and i went for basketball with them and surprisingly, my 3 point didn't leave me after so long. quite happy knowing it. or maybe i was just lucky today. but i am happier that way. haha. wtf/
went to miracle launch at the curve. a lil paiseh as so many people looking at us dancing the evening away. and camera flashing all over the place. i only have the dslr with me. that's why i didnt manage to snap any picture. but its a good experience. and i still cant believe i spent 50 bucks to enter a class. that's all. i will only be uploading pictures of me and daddy tomorrow. im too lazy to transfer now! =p till then, its monday again.. sigh

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