Tuesday, June 17, 2008

second semester of college

its so nice finally i settled down and love the course. the first course, i have interest in it, i have idea, but i don't know how to express it in on the paper. i failed badly. this course, i have interest in it and also know how to apply it. at first, i was quite scared switching course. but, its better than staying and wasting more money. then i switched to inti. at that time, inti was just a small tiny college. it was even smaller than my high school. and things were old and don't have that college feel. after knowing people like siew kie, freddy, tina and atom, my group mate for the marketing assignment, life in college became better. of course, also zetty!
the batwomen... haha.

that dress I've been finding all over the place. and i found it from f21.


Zetty said...

I just noticed this..
Why me batweoman lor??
So funny...
Next monday i'll call you catwoman.. :P

Zetty said...

wrong spelling plak..