Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i am 19 already

although my birthday is 4 months from now.. but my parents still think i am 5. its a sad thing to say but yeah. being the only child, is bad. everyone make mistake. i made mistake but i also got up from my mistake and changed. being my parents, aren't they suppose to be supportive and trusting their own child? i am really sorry for my parents that they don't even trust their daughter. wasting my effort to miss them when they're away. being a person that hate following orders, such behavior will not only make me hate them, but also make me go against them. i am constantly trying to be a good daughter. but they don't even want to use they god damn bloody eye to see. i really feel sorry for them. if they dont trust me, why have me? my as well have a pet. and i am upset. why other parents can still stand by their child and think at their shoe and trust them a little bit more? i know i made a big mistake in life. but hey, its so last century. i got up from my sleep and become a better person. but, is this what i get from being better? no. its sad to say but, yeah, people should think twice before having a kid. they have a kid, so trust their kid. if not, don't get pregnant!

i am really angry. i need something and someone to talk to!


The Mrs Blogs said...

Hey babe, I've been through what you're going through. Basically you commit one big mistake and your parents will find it hard to trust you again. So the best you can do is keep proving to them that you've changed or have become a better person. No one wakes up the next day a changed person, it needs effort and a lot of work. But trust me, once the change in you is obvious and for real, your parents will notice and give you where credit is due. Meanwhile take it easy, you know your parents love you and want the very best for you.

deedee said...

yeah i know. we had this real big argument just now and i finally tell her what i think. although its a bit harsh, but i hope she understand that i have grown up and my life will be better in future.