Tuesday, May 27, 2008

will long distance relationship work?

in your perception, will long distance relationship work? two or three of my ex are not from where i live and i see them occasionally. at that time, i was young and naive. and of course needed someone to be with me most of the time. and so, our relationship die off eventually.

does it work? i don't know but i hate being alone. maybe long distance relationship is suppose to be a test for both individuals. but, what if one party failed to do so? or how sure are you that he/she is no one besides you? of course in involve how deep you trust that person. but, trust is suppose to be gained, right? i mean what if that person that you've been waiting for a century came back with another person beside him/her?

i know la, its not like they have choice to choose to go far far away. but i think like every other things, long distance relationship have pros and cons. the least that each of them can do is at least reminding the other party that he still loves her, or she still love him. i think? but not too often. as it too can be annoying. i guess, there is no right or wrong being in a long distance relationship, but it all depends on individual.
people like me, who are a typical scorpion, needs to be reminded always. at least to reassure me that i am not choosing the wrong path. maybe i was hurt too much and am still quite afraid in accepting new relationship? i don't know. its been a year.. and everything seems strange to me.

i actually SALUTE those who have been in a long distance relationship for many many years and still together.


:: Nicole :: said...

not only u.. i need re-assurance once awhile.. to know that russ still loves me :P

deedee said...

i actually thought i was weird.. but i guess mens recognize that as nagging?! cause he doesn't really bother to answer.

Simon said...

yeah.. LDR is not for me.

by the way r u sure u only have 2/3 exes only since u r hot....:)