Wednesday, May 28, 2008


wonder if there is a stage in your daily life where you'll feel extremely tired repeating the same old thing over and over again. cause i am starting to get used to things and obviously adapt to the environment. my daily routine involves college, gym, sleep, and revising. normally, college in the morning, then nap and revise homework and 7 is normally gym time. and when i get bored of things, I'll show obvious reaction. like finding more interesting stuff to do.

was thinking of something while i was waiting in the car the other day. will you get back with any of your ex? i don't know, but it seems that its not easy. though you know him well, and i'll say have experienced in that relationship,but i don't think things get so easy. i sometimes don't quite understand relationship. after being single for so long, i find it hard to adapt. i just don't know. and why the beginning of each relationship is the sweetest day? what if its upside down? listening to those lovey dovey love songs actually made me feel better.
hopefully from tomorrow onwards, i will have a busier life.

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