Thursday, May 8, 2008

the off shoulder and weddings

who can resist la/? OFF SHOULDERS! i love them too much... that designer whom designs this piece of treasure is superb la! it can be worn with anything but still look so good.. i am so in love with them la... dress,top or anything..., it just look nice! next time i want to get married in a off shoulder wedding gown! with that off shoulder wedding gown which emphasizes on simplicity, i will be the most happiest person on that morning when entering the church or somewhere near the beach! then i want a super nice bare back for the night. obviously not a Chinese wedding. i find it very noisy! i want it in a nice garden, under the romantic moonlight. soft music, well dressed people, ballroom dancing ... so nice! so unrealistic! let me dream once a while also cannot meh..

something like this... i prefer the first one than the second one though..

being quite emotional this week.. it led me to take emotional picture
and make it black and white


:: Nicole :: said...

i love off shoulder tops as well.. currently i only have 2 :( so hard to find la

deedee said...

ya... i bought that in fj benjamin sale. mng have a few now and zara!