Sunday, May 4, 2008

FJ benjamin

today, i woke up at 12 just to rush to bangsar village for the FJ benjamin sale. i was not awake, not dressed, and wasn't in a good mood. i got a parking right when we enter.. so i thought that i was lucky. walked all the way to the venue and chose what i want. fitting room is crowded so i didnt bother to try. i wanted to buy a pair of stilettos but dad say its too high i will look very tall in it. so i ended up buying only a shirt from gap. because of the crowd and the kids. i couldn't shop for more. the lingerie is nice. but i have to queue to pay. so i decided not to buy. the minute i came out and walked over to the parking, i regretted for not buying the stilettos.. hopefully mom come back earlier and i get to go back there. =p and also. FJ benjamin really make alot of money. RM40 for a top and still have profit.


The Mrs Blogs said...

Saw the banner and wanted to go but the thought of a massive crowd was a turn off so I decided not go. Was it REALLY that worth it?

:: Nicole :: said...

i didn't go this time.. coz a few of my friends said it's not worth it.. hopefully will go th next time! :)

deedee said...

like what nicole said, it's not that worth it. the crowd did made me headache! go dont go also no difference. gap and guess from the states its much more cheaper