Thursday, May 1, 2008

happy labor day

next time, i'm going to invent a title generator. so that i dont have to think of title every time i want to blog!
today is labor day, a public holiday for working adults and students. it doesn't make any difference to me as i am on holiday. and i spent half the day in... mid valley! we reached mid valley at 9.40 in the morning to secure a parking space. and of course being kia su... ate breakfast and started shopping in gardens.. its quite peaceful in gardens as its more high end... and we shopped, shopped and shopped. stop for lunch break around 1 and continue shopping until 4.30pm. i only got a pair of pants and a t shirt but mom bought the whole mid valley.

what i've spotted this time was the omg tous purse, the zara top, the zara dress, and a pair of sundress only. but at the meantime i only can d-r-e-a-m.

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