Thursday, May 1, 2008


ikea shopping is one of my hobby. haha. people whom knows me well enough should know i visit ikea at least twice a month. i love wandering around ikea and finding nice stuff.. although my room is messy. despite the fact that ikea have many innovative but cheap stuff, they also have very good customer service. at least i am happy every time I'm in ikea!

my favorite part in ikea, is the kids area.!! because the toys, the bed.. is so nice. if only i was a kid, i will beg mummy to buy me everything there. ha ha ha... even till now, my room is full of soft toy... and each soft toy have a story behind it... if i receive a soft toy from someone, it will leave a better impression of that person in my mind..

today is supposing to be window shopping and find the measurement for the table i want to squeeze into my room. but, i ended up looking at another table. 95 bucks only. super cheap. the table i want have more designer look in it. and is more spacious. but it's oversold. this table is short and narrow. no compartments. but 95 bucks... i ended up proceed thinking and forgetting the measurement.

i want to rearrange my messy room. but i really don't know where to start. and also i bought a new quilt cover with 4 pillow case. only for 139. i am so going to change it tomorrow! yay!


Anonymous said...

hey dee dee :)

thank you for your sweet advice. true enough no one is branded right or wrong in situations regarding relationships. we're growing to know each other still.

mmm.. there's only courts mammoth in kuching :/ no ikea! i like the kiddies section too in ikeas kl. some things on display in that section? i would buy them for myself =P

deedee said...

ya.. lots of soft toy! and those cut little furniture, really very cute. =p