Friday, May 9, 2008

why la...

i miss high school times... tuition after class, rushing for time during finals, but most of all, i miss all my friends in high school... people in the art and my classmates... life will be boring without you guys la... though i am the MIA one. and because i was so busy dealing with my boyfriends. but, but... i still miss you guys... though i am yet to take my school magazine. after high school, we were all separated pursuing our dreams... one day, we will become someone in the society.. serve me right la.. i didn't even bother to spend more time... how can...?!
i miss lesley, li jen, jenny, sze luan, huiwen, hsiao yinn, ann, evelynn, haiya everyone la... and shasha!! tracy.. nabilah.. jing li
why time fly so fast... sigh

life is getting tougher and tougher day by day... everything is expensive even parking is expensive.. by the time i graduate, i think starbucks will cost 20 per cup already.. sigh.. how can.. i shall start learning to appreciate things better... and transform into a better person!

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