Thursday, May 22, 2008

i'm putting my eyes on...

this... ya wtf. its USD 70 for 100ml. about RM200. too bad i have no money. only can put it in my wish list. wtf...
accidentally smell it in sasa the other day and fell in love with it in the first smell. wtf. love at first smell.
then i google-ed moon sparkle. it make me wana get that bottle instantly. at this very second. if money grows on tree. as a perfume lover, i have 8 bottles of perfume in exact. i know, you might be thinking this women ah, so many perfume still want perfume. crazy! let me correct you.. i wear perfume according to my mood. and each perfume have a meaning to it. although its 8 bottles of perfume, i remember when and how i get it. till now. and i appreciate them. all of them.

all i can do now is just pray pray and pray even harder. hoping that maybe someone wrongly deliver moon sparkle to my doorstep, or even better it dropped down from the sky when i was walking out the house. i know. day dreaming.


The Mrs Blogs said...

Haha same here, I absolutely adore perfumes. I have about 8-10 bottles but I'm really eyeing Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie. Cost like RM300 for 50 ml but omg it's absolutely amazing!!

:: Nicole :: said...

why everyone is going gaa-gaa over escada's moon sparkle?? everytime i see this perfume, it reminds me of that *eyes rolling* MDG tv ad =.= arghhhhhh!! some more dawn yang also love it too.. hmmm, i MUST try it out :P

anyways i have about 5 bottles of perfume.. most of it, i used half only.. so i don't dare to buy anymore.. coz the life span of an opened bottle is quite short *sigh*

deedee said...

cas: the self make scent is the best of all my collection. made it in one of the perfume factory in spain. superb! also expensive.

nicole: moon sparkle sets my mood to romantic mood.
i think its ok to keep opened perfumes in air-cond room.. so far all mine are ok. not under direct sunlight or heat shall be ok. my room don't have much sunlight.. my perfumes are so far so good.