Friday, May 23, 2008

the growing process

the growing process. everyone will grow through it. young or old. just the matter of time. everyone make mistake. life is not life without mistake. its just how fast can you get up. i am going through it right now. trying better to be a better person. i admit, its hard to change suddenly. but hey, being a better person is happier. even products go through product line development. at the stage of maturity, i guess I'll be able to think better, be a better person also have a few lines of wrinkle...
how many 10 years i can have some more? another one year i'll reach my 2nd 10 year. i really need to think of my future life. like what i want, i need, what to provide to my family. i can't be dreaming of prada and the prada reach my doorstep anymore. right??
i know, its bored.. but, i'm getting sentimental by sentimenat day by day.

back to the not-so-formal me... i'm getting my hair dyed later. hoping that i'll turn out nice. and i'm seriously using too much of wtf. no doubt, i am easily influenced... and to the guy, that chatted with me every night, who love diving, who spare so much time for me, who knows how to sppreciate a women, MR Chun Beng. i seriously wana thank you sebanyak banyak-nya. you made me love jazz,again. since sharing folders with you, i have so many jazz song. and its playing over and over again by my itunes. and make me a happy person! heehee. " there goes my babyyyy... he knows how to rock and roll...he drives me crazyyy..." i am so addicted to it!

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