Sunday, March 23, 2008

stupid world...

ps. this is a super emotional post.

I'm super pissed now. after watching spiderwick with sayaka and taemi, we came back right away. and i finished my last part of marketing plan which due Tuesday. and woke up with a sore eye. my eye was so pain that i cant see properly. went to church and have to rest my eye as the pain suddenly came. and this father of mine, who is super inconsiderate, asked me to look at children whom i don't know baptize. which i find it stupid. and accuse me that i came back at 6am in the morning. since that incident, I've never ended up later than 3 am at home. if i do come back later than 1, i would be with my cousin. and when i came home, thought that finally we can go out as a family, dad started it. saying that i am sleeping in church and keep accusing me that i came home at 6am. if i came home at 6, how can i wake up at 9 and the inconsiderate family of mine doesn't even want to trust me. what is the point? telling the person who are closest to you, and they don't even trust you? being good, listen to them and they don't even care. everyone has a border and my border had reached. if this is what is called family, i rather don't want it than having it. if i am the denise before, i will surely run away, but I'm grown up, i cant just run away without responsibility. but also, i am not in the wrong, why should i apologize? i will not apologize.. that's for sure. and mostly, they disown me as a daughter. which i don't want to care already. without me as a daughter, this family is gone... my heart for my family dies here.

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