Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i cut my hair!!


i miss my long long hair... cut my hair on sunday. went to raymond choon in the gardens.. was hesitating to cut my long long hair. besides, i only go to hair channel... over this years, my hair is cut by Thomas. finally, i have the guts to go in the shop.. and trusted my stylist so much.. btw, his name is buff. overall, his skill is good and he keep comforting me by asking me to read the magazine while he is cutting. and it really helps. and with the quality service they provide, it really made me satisfy. as i enter, buff bring me to my seat and the tea lady asked me what would i like to drink, they even have coconut juice! i took green tea.. and then the shampoo guy asked me to wash my hair over the basin. and then.. buff came and cut my hair. after that, they blow dry my hair and apply some oil on my hair and i'm set to go. and the best thing is, it only cost me RM68! i am happy with the hair cut overall... but... i just miss my long long hair..

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