Saturday, March 29, 2008

what a friday

arrived at the doorstep t inti college at about 10.35 and went to maztini's office and check about the management class... but.. ah, i felt that we are so mean to MR rezy. and for nothing, i am feeling the guilt.
today has been a exhausted day. met Samantha in Starbucks. its been so long since we talked. a brief description of Samantha is she sits in front of me in secondary 4 and 5, and is a prefect! since i was so tension about the marketing plan, i couldn't think of anything to talk to her. and we just had a short talk. founded out that the group discussion is at the library, not in Starbucks! and yada yada its already 2 and i am getting extra nervous of the presentation! and waited for 2 groups to present and its our turn. and i am the second person presenting. and to calm myself i looked at the wall instead of the audiences. hopefully i finish fast. after we've presented, we will get question from the floor and from lecturers. and i think that is the more scary part. but, it ain't scary at all. because... ms maztini said, "this is a very good marketing plan" it really soothe my nerves after hearing that. i have never been so hardworking before, never stayed up so late and rushing for the ticket and advertising design for ONE presentation.. i guess it's worth it. and i find that, being prototype is actually a good thing! =p and i am so damn happy!
when i reached home, i was so tired, ate something and went to sleep. slept about an hour and i had the shock of my life when i enter the toilet. i looked like a super tired zombie with smeared eyeliner. besides that, i am starting to get sick..

my lovely/ hardworking/ nice/ cooperative/ helpful/ so many things to say about them la group mates!
atom, Freddy, Tina
siew kie

ps. to my group mates, if you are reading this, you guys are the best lah! =p take care!

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