Saturday, March 22, 2008

macau / zhuhai trip part one

arrived yesterday from macau. the trip was so so only. but i really love the street in macau. san ma lou.. its really like europe. the weather is cold and nice... really worth a visit! anyways, let the pictures do the talking!!
still in malaysia.. 6am...
at the immigration in macau..

we arrived macau and took a cab to the border of zhuhai and walked all the way in by ourselves! because we didnt know what and where to eat, we ate in the hotel cafe.

my first Portuguese egg tart. which i thought it was nice.

after lunch we walk around the hotel while waiting for my aunt from singapore to arrive. and because we didnt know where or what to shop, we walked in a hyper market. LOL. then mom and i needed our daily booster... coffee... we sat down at a romantic and nice cafe and order their coffee set. it comes with a superb coffee and egg and ham sandwich. super big portion which only cost RMB 12 per set. equivalent to rm6. wth..

the sandwich!!!
i am a happy person that day!! why? i did a foot massage for only RMB 35. RM 17.50 only. where to get 17 bucks foot massage in msia?

the newly bought hat when i was in macau!! so happy.. i finally bought a hat.. cost me only RM 25. where can get?? hehe..

thursday, which is also 20th, we checked out and pass the immigration of macau and zhuhai and got into macau safe and sound... checked in the hotel and got to the famous egg tart place in macau! hehe.. which looks like that..!
Margaret's cafe e Nata
gum loi building.
tel 2871 0032

then, we proceed to to the super nice road. i cant remember those names of the buiding in english. but this is dai san ba in cantonese.
the famous visits.
with my aunty abby..

we then proceeded to the famous casino in macau, venetian macau! the interior is superb la.. really look like venice. the grand canyon cannal is the shopping area. imported brands like zara, mikimoto, frank muller are all there. besides that, tai tai are all around the place!
the food court.. its actually inside the building...
the hand painted ceiling... so real.... cant remember the artist name.. but i did studied about him during my one year study of architecture..
i love this place la... dont mind being stranded here!! of course with a no limit credit card la!

during our revisit to the san ma lou for last minute shopping, we spotted a museum. i dont know what is it for... but i spotted this! lavender!!
cant believe i saw this la... i feel like plucking it out and bringing it home.... argh... i am so in love with lavender...

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