Thursday, March 6, 2008

nike THIS IS LOVE event

"dear denise,you are invited to our This Is Love Event, a ladies night out that you will never forget... yada yada" and so i registered. and this is what happened...
"Dear denise pereira,
Thank you for registering for the Nike ‘This Is Love’ Event. A ladies night out is never complete without your girlfriends, so do bring 3 of your buddies along together with you!

Please print out this email and bring it along to the event for verification purposes... yada yada"

i figured out that nike really knows how to do business... indirectly, bring 3 of your friends to see our outfit and rush to the stores to get yours... LOL.

have been following nike's event since the nike rockstar, nike bollywood and now, this is love... basically is quite fun and the last two event is basically a dance event. luckily they made it different this time... kick boxing, dancing and so on...

went to the ladies half way through class and saw the broaches of the college fitness challenge... cannot decide la.. i want to join so badly... but if i join i want to be the best... can meh??! cannot decide... HELP...and did i mention that the first price is 45k?? wth right...