Thursday, March 6, 2008

pole dancing...

is an art.. a exercise not about sex. of course, in my opinion la..

“This dance requires strength, power and focus. The moves are sexy and it makes a great workout because it requires muscle activity, especially in the arm and thigh areas.” said Paola from the dance space..

and someone from china said
"I love the feeling, just like flying," said Xiao Wei, demonstrating a recently learned move. "My legs were quite fat before, and the results have been very obvious." adapted from china daily.

i think that it is a sport, its a way women express them self. plus... it improve blood circulation... why? hanging like this will definitely improve circulation...

isn't it like a piece of art? hanging on to the pole with full freedom... but of course... not all can accept pole dancing.. some will think its fun.. but some think is revealing.. it depends on individual.

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