Tuesday, March 11, 2008

why i want to dine at Tasting Room?

just now when i was reading Nicole's blog, something caught my eye. what? this. because i am a sucker for fine dining too, i decided to join the contest.

why i want to dine at tasting room? firstly, i love fine dining.. i find fine dining is an art. and after seeing Nicole posting pictures of the food from tasting room? it lifted up my urge to dine in tasting room. besides that, i love wines.. especially those sweet ones. i don't really like red wines because i don't know how to bring the best of the wine out. thus, i prefer white wine and sweet wines, so far, i've only tasted ice wine. also, i have a small family, so, my parents will keep the remaining wine forever and throw it in the end.

also, i don't have any knowledge about wine and i would like to know more about wines. sipping wine is a knowledge and show class of a person. i would really want to know better about different wines.

i can dine in anywhere, but why tasting room? because tasting room is unique. tasting room had taken the liberty to recommend the wine for every dish so that i don't have to crack my head finding what is for what.

aside from all the reason why i want to dine at tasting room, i really want to meet and know Nicole better in person. and bring my parents to dine there in future!

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