Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sushi day

bought all the materials for sushi *minus the mayo, crab stick* and plan to make sushi today. called sayaka for movie in the morning but she is still sleeping. so movie is canceled and we waited for sayaka to come over make sushi.

material we used were ebiko, vinegar, sushi mixture, japanese mayo, crab stick, egg, sumo rice, carrot and seaweed. i guess its all there.

crazily waiting..
been eaten up by... a frog?
pd town
taemi's "shuang cheng" maki. in english, double layered maki
my mini maki. i made it myself wei..
packing for sayaka, noticed something funny... looks like a monkey.. look carefully..
finally i can make one. nice huh...
our end result.
fan tuan. made by me. with ebiko, mayo and crabstick.
most of the materials

overall its nice. minus the mess... buahaha. remember the last time we made sushi together is with sha sha.. those were the good old days! talking bout sha sha, i miss her so badly... and the sushi turned out quite nice. the only thing that is not nice is the rice. too soft. thanks to the maid.. grr...

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