Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i so need a job!!!

rotting away everyday thinking where to go isn't the way. i m getting a year older in 20 days and all i know is to spend spend spend. i think i need to be independent. at least find a job? to lighten mom's burden? my birthday revolution is to get a job.

how to get a job?

Finding a job doesn't just happen: You have to make it happen. Implementing a successful job search requires you to:

  • gain insights into what your career possibilities are.
  • make intelligent choices concerning your direction based on your interests and personal circumstances.
  • match your interests and circumstances with available employment opportunities.
how to find a job?

The best way to find employment locally is through “networking”, connecting with your personal contacts. It is highly recommended that you have a mentor who could also function as a resource in your job search.

adapted from http://www.asha.org/students/job/

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