Tuesday, October 16, 2007

nice sunset-part 2

as i promised! sim.. see. i made my promise!! dedicated to MR SIM TEONG CHUAN, i know u are reading... thanks for being such a loyal reader to me... thanks. i really appreciated it. *muaks* to thank you, i upload this on time so you can read it when you are back in office! hehe :: enjoy ::

in the middle of the couple's bridge
the whole stretch of bridge
we are walking on stones
buahaha. the ability to write on sand... with a thick rod
so romantic...
i think this picture will be nicer minus the human there..
that was my first picture i guess
no no. this is the first.
calmness of the sea. dont this picture make you calm? it works to me.. =)

i read SHAPE magazine just now and realised that meditation can exercise my heart. i'm so gonna meditate everyday from today! heehee. i mean meditation after a hard day work does reduce the stress right? at least i have time for myself. although its only a 5 minute work. i will start and see how long I'll last! buahaha

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