Monday, October 15, 2007

the nice sunset-part 1

oh god.. blogger is cacat again. i cant manage to upload my photos. that is the only photos that i managed to change and upload. changing photo format from NEF to jpeg is not fun at all. i hate it so much. from what i've promised, there are pictures below. enjoy...! and i will upload once blogger is ok. cheers!

went to pd as almost all the family is going back. yi hui and ing ay. my beloved cousins. love them.. =) life is imperfect without them.. as usual we "zat" our way there. hehe.

on the way to pd those were the people that accompany me to the beach the nice view from the couple's bridge tring to be a couple in the couple's bridge exhausted me
land or water?
couple's bridge during sunset.
another view of couple's bridge during sunset. i love this picture

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