Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the ups and downs of sketching with mickey in your mind..

i've been addicted to facebook for a while. dont know why. and my virtual pet, zhu zhu has been increasing hp day by day. although i dont understand, but its fun.. have been having sleepless night for the past few days due to the assignment load. luckily i still have time to update. i have been sketching sketching and sketching. i start to wonder if there is a program that can sketch for us, it will lighten our workload by 10 times, at least? *sigh*

passed up my research draft which i have been rushing yesterday night. after handing in, i realised that i forgotten to include the reference. *sigh* wonder what MR woon will do to me next monday...

crocs.. i am sho sho sho addicted to it. my next aim is to get another crocs. the disney want. with the mickey print on it... yum yum. it melt my heart... anyone up to getting me one?? haha. jk jk. for those who know me well, u know i fancy mickey... u know i'm like some kid stuck in adult body... haha. what is wrong liking mickey? it is sho cute... hehe. mickey. i love you.

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