Friday, September 21, 2007

plain disappointment

so yeah i made up my mind. human have their own shit and own problem. no matter how close you are to her, fuck off... i can live my own life. i can do well in life. i dont need anyone except my parents. ha ha. family... my ass. wtf? u got problem, i help, you got no problem throw me away. am i that cheap? life has its own ups and downs. so what if i did something wrong before, i did say sorry. and after that, is it worth while doing all this to me? i am your god damn bloody cousin. we knew each other since we know how to communicate. previously, i thought that no one can separate our relationship as a cousin. LAN JIAO. close huh. haha. because of one small mistake i made and that is what i get back? speechless. if that is what she thinks, i dont think she will succeed in life with an ego so big. i have no means how people look or talk about me, but who cares. i dont care.. its just a sudden anger that came out of my mind. i am a human too. with this, i'll prove that i will live better. i can do much better in life...

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