Saturday, September 22, 2007

luna bar?

thinking of celebrating mom's birthday tomorrow as ing ay and ah yau wont be back home... the three of us can spend some quality family time? thinking of dinner in outback then head to luna bar for some drinks. or dinner and drink in luna bar... dont know? why i chose luna bar? the quiet ambience and the view of kl. shall i or shall i not? maybe i am really getting old. signs of getting old, i prefer a more quiet environment than a noisy and packed club. although the club play the latest music that you could dance to it, but, i am starting to get sick of it.. hopefully we can get in there..

instead of a birthday card, i made mummy a poem inserted in a powerpoint slides with pictures of us for a change.. i dont know if it will work... hopefully it will.. :-)

shi yin asked me to her birthday next saturday... i guess i will be there.. =) thanks for inviting.. as for kean hoe, do you really want me to be in the same place two nights long? and, i dont have that much cash to go there two nights long.. hehe.

pictures of luna bar which i stole from google
luna bar.. again..

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