Saturday, September 22, 2007

an adult body with a kid soul.

soft toys, chocolate, flowers, cute cute stuff is all attracted by me. why? an adult body with a kid's soul... i guess. seeing my soft toys laying on the bed and hugging my patrick, its plain satisfaction. that define why i need to hug patrick to sleep every night. yes i am going to be an adult, but so what, we will do anything to make ourself happy. and that makes me special... i do find it mysterious when i receive flowers sent to my house. although i never tried that before, receiving flowers right from my door step from a flower guy is mysterious to me. although it might be the same when i receive it face to face from that spacial person, but it is less mysterious. i love dark chocolate. because it has a bittersweet taste. and the taste change according your mood. besides all that, i do have a wild imagination. as in, i do think of the fantasy world, i do dream of big big dinosaurs chasing me and eating me. i do sound like a kid right? i guess so... but that makes me different.
i heart patrick
dark red roses
and dark chocolates...!!!

they all make me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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