Sunday, September 23, 2007


one word to describe... suck. we ended up going to miyako@sheraton subang instead of jogoya and luna bar.. reason is, mom said going to kl is wayyy to far and she is tired. so no choice. have to tolerate. so we landed at sheraton subang. due to the malays buka-ing puasa, the placed was all packed up.. *usually its super quiet* ok back to the story. we walk ourself to miyako, the japanese restaurant. service, BAD. my god.. it is a bloody hotel, but no one is to serve us when we come in. 5 star hotel? no no. we waited for a couple minute till we were brought to the table. we sat near the sushi bar. when the waitress served us, she didnt bring a menu along, so i thought she know the menu. she askes if we would like having buffet or ala carte. we paused for a moment. the waitress impatiently said you can look around our buffet chain. then she walked away. i mean what kind of service is this? oh my. so we left no choice but buffet. i went to the main instead of sushi's cause i would prefer something hot before cold. the main course is dull. i had a piece of grilled macarel, tori karaage, tofu and salmon for a start. surprisingly, it tasted awe full. i guess sushi king can cook better dish. then i opt for a miso. miso was nice. maybe it heat up my stomach. then i went for the cold dish. i started with a tamago,baby octopus, cold prawn and some anchovies. the sushi rice is normal rice. it is not fresh, and it uses vinegar instead of sakae. baby octopus is fair, prawn is not so fresh and anchovies is nice. i cant stand the food any longer, so i went for deserts. i thought that deserts will be better. NO.. it was worst. blueberry swiss roll,ok lah. and fruits is my desert. fruits tasted like overnight fruits.

as a conclusion, we paid like 88++ per person and ate miso, anchovies, baby octopus and blueberry swiss roll. we should have gone to jogoya. at least i am much happier now.

no no i am not being pain in the ass. its just the standard of the place annoys me. i heard review saying the food is good. but why it tasted so bad? i am choosy towards food. i want something which i paid for the price. i dont mind paying more to eat something nice. but it annoys me when i pay much and get service and food like that. and deserts is part of my life. no deserts no life. *quoted from mummy* i am sweet toothed. i need deserts. having a bad meel with nice deserts wouldnt annoy me much.

am i that choosy?

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